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Save time by using Jira as project inbox

Tired of searching through bottomless email threads? Want stress-free holiday handovers? With these Jira tools and apps, you'll never lose an important email again.  


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You'll learn how you can keep your external project communication easily accessible and searchable in Jira.

Discover handy tools that help you:

green zahnrad Integrate external email communication into Jira
green zahnrad Add comment summary and search functionality

Improve efficiency

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Customer always in focus

Make sure customer’s wishes, including change requests or new priorities, are visible to everyone (and not stuck in someone's inbox).

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Single source of truth

Instead of searching through emails and multiple inboxes, improve productivity by moving all external email communications to Jira.

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Easy holiday handovers

Want stress-free handovers? With emails accessible through Jira, all high-level information will reach the new project manager.

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